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March 28, 2012

Every couple has a story, every wedding a unique sensibility…


Why do we do what we do? Is it just about making pretty pictures? Really, if we (collectively, not just us) wanted to make nothing but perfectly posed, pretty pictures, we probably wouldn’t choose weddings.

Weddings are messy, they never go as planned.  Weddings are filled with spontaneous moments. Weddings are a unique collection of people. Weddings are about so much more than two people. Weddings are glorious and exciting and filled with challenge for a photographer.

Weddings are pretty too. There is nothing more beautiful than a couple in love, starting a journey that will take them to unexpected places. Weddings are the beginning, the mark of something new and untested. Weddings are the public manifestation of a love story.

Weddings are why I am a photographer. Weddings are why Bebb Studios was started. Weddings are what drives us to create, to document, to push ourselves to greater heights.

We are storytellers. We tell the story of a wedding, through our cameras. We share what happens, as it happens. We use light, shadow, emotion, composition and more.

At the end of the day, though, we are telling a story.

Those stories, your weddings, are unique every single time. They have to be – every couple is unique. And so, we approach those stories with an open mind and heart, aware that YOU and your wedding is completely different from every other.

Sometime the story is in the face of the mother watching her daughter in the final prep for the day.

Sometimes the story is in where the wedding takes place.

Sometimes it’s how he holds her in his arms – unique to them.

Sometimes it’s how she holds him.

We tell stories with our images. We tell stories about you.

October 13, 2011

What If? It’s THE question that fosters ingenuity. It drives our advancements, large and small, and yet it’s the simplest of questions.


How often do you ask that question? Really ask it?

And if you ask, WHAT IF how often do you follow through with your idea? I’m guessing there are a lot of great “what ifs” and a lot of them get lost in the minutiae of daily life. Heck, we have a whole series of notebooks devoted to this very thing. We call them our Idea Books, and after 12 years in this business, we have over 50 of those books.

Every so often we revisit them and comb through our ideas. Some ideas surface again and again, with more detail each time. Others are one line, one very vague line, that challenges us to even recall what excited us about it.

What is all this about, you wonder? Why this post? Why now? Well, it’s about the power of WHAT IF and about making your WHAT IFs a reality.

You see, something is missing in the creative world – a way to conference and collaborate with other creatives, that isn’t staid and, well, stale. Too many conferences employ a formula, one that worked for years, where a speaker stands on a stage and pontificates at the crowd. Some speakers are really engaging and inspiring, others not so much. The speakers themselves aren’t really to blame for this model – the attendees are. We keep going back year after year after year. And by feeding the beast, we are keeping it strong and alive. Why change when tens of thousands of you flock to it time and again?

Change is here. It’s time to put your foot down and say enough is enough. The days of someone speaking at you and telling you to be just like them are gone. Gone like the Dinosaurs are gone. It’s not about that anymore, not if we want to succeed and thrive in the coming years. The world changed and we refuse to be left behind.

So here it is, one of our biggest WHAT IFs to date:

A Conference for  Artist-preneurs using their vision to make a living, this ain’t your average conference. Not by a long shot!

You can find all the details (and there are plenty) at the WHAT IF website, but here is a quick and dirty run down of what’s up:

This is a Conference for Creatives, by Creatives. Each one of our Innovators is also a Collaborator, helping to develop WHAT IF into more than what you expect. There won’t be any pontification from the stage. There won’t be any short cuts to success. There won’t be any “buy this and you’ll be rich” going on.

What there will be is facilitation from our Innovators, collaboration from all our attendees, and a community environment created from the moment you arrive. With some of the most important learning you can get taking place outside the classroom, we have structured spontaneity after each session.  From the Idea Wall to the Daily Assignments to activities that lead to Inspiration outside Photography, and so much more, you will be immersed in a community and setting that will help you find your own success, on your terms.

Hosted at an all-inclusive resort, WHAT IF subscribes to the “no photographer left behind” philosophy. Whether you are an introvert or someone who likes to get in the middle of things, there is a place for you. For all of you.

As Steve would say, there is a lot of “flowery language” here and words that sound big and important. In the interests of keeping it simple, it’s time to get off your butt, and make your WHAT IF a reality. This conference will help you do that. Boom.

Questions? You know where to find us.


May 7, 2010
It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Ask. Listen. Deliver. Those three words are a potent and valuable tool for all businesses.  Success in business depends on ensuring that you are fulfilling the needs of your clients,...
filed under: Why YOU Matter

It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Ask. Listen. Deliver.

Those three words are a potent and valuable tool for all businesses.  Success in business depends on ensuring that you are fulfilling the needs of your clients, and, therefore, giving them a reason to refer you, come back to you, or give your services as a gift. But far too many businesses are not doing that – they’re not listening to their customers and giving them exactly what they have told you they want.

I have to credit the amazing man in my life, Steve, for distilling some huge concepts down to those three words. Interestingly, within the context of a larger conversation those words become the exclamation point to end the discussion. Said out of context, they are instead the starting point for both a larger discussion and a paradigm shift within a business.

Ask. Listen. Deliver. And see what happens next.

April 8, 2010
If you are staring at your screen right now, a confused look on your face, that’s ok.  Things look a little different than they did, just a few days ago. We’ve had a facelift  and the blog is the first...

If you are staring at your screen right now, a confused look on your face, that’s ok.  Things look a little different than they did, just a few days ago. We’ve had a facelift  and the blog is the first part of the more comprehensive change we’re making.

It’s still a blog, a place where we will share all the things we are up to, all the weddings we photograph, and more. You can follow us on twitter and join our facebook page by clicking on the tabs to the left of the screen. Feel free to check all the links out – we’ll be adding more as time goes on.

Our contact page is now fully integrated with our studio management software, which we are really excited about. We’re still building a few things, and finalizing our overall look.  And the old blog, which we loved, is not gone, simply relocated. You can find it here: We moved over a lot of information and posts, but we weren’t able to move them all, or all of your wonderful comments. So we decided to ensure the old blog is still accessible, at least for the next while. Of course, you can always leave new comments on this blog – we do love getting comments!

Now that the blog is almost done, we’re setting our sites on a brand new website. We’ve been working on a new site for a while, and we’re finally getting closer to what we want. As soon as it is live, you’ll be the first to know!

Most importantly, we want you to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself while you’re here! And come back often too!

December 19, 2009
Yesterday’s post about why YOU matter was meant to stand alone. Yet, the response it received began a process, for me, of thinking further about you and how YOU allow yourself to matter. And so it would appear...

Yesterday’s post about why YOU matter was meant to stand alone. Yet, the response it received began a process, for me, of thinking further about you and how YOU allow yourself to matter. And so it would appear that Why YOU Matter may become a series of posts over time.

Today: INTENT.

We hear over and over again that there is nothing new under the sun, that everything we can put into a picture we make has been done before, that originality is, in essence, a fallacy.

I disagree.

While it might be true that there are a finite number of compositions we can use, I don’t believe that has any bearing at all on the images we make. Rather, I believe that every time we make an image with intent, we create something unique.

Let’s say that again: if we create images with intent, we are unique every time.

I realize that on some forum somewhere, someone will link to this post and decry everything I am about to say. After all, how can every image we make be unique? How are we not all somehow derivative of someone else? Well, we’re not all unique in our image making, and some people are derivative of others. But we don’t have to be, and that is where INTENT comes into play.

Why you choose to make a particular image, at a particular moment, in a particular way is up to you. No one is telling you when and how to make an image. No one is telling you how to see the light and compose the frame. That is all up to you. And if you choose to look to someone else for inspiration and create a derivative, well, that is also up to you. Your choice was to be the same. Your INTENT was to re-create rather than innovate.

If your intent to is to make images that are not disingenuous, to make images that are reflective of your subject, than your INTENT is to be different every time.

Think about it this way: at a wedding there are expected moments – the kiss, the recessional, the first dance, etc. Yet those moments, although similar from wedding to wedding, are different every single time. Not on the surface per se, but underneath the facade. They have to be different – the people you are photographing are different, the relationships are different, the life experiences are different.

As wedding photographers, the greatest trap we can fall into is to believe all weddings are the same. That is where your INTENT no longer becomes about doing your best for each client, but rather becomes about getting the job done. You choose to see every wedding like the last. But that is your choice and it is something you can change.

Whether we are formulaic photographers, sprayer and prayers, or deliberate shooters, it is the intent behind each frame that becomes the catalyst for mediocrity or ingenuity. An image made by accident, without intent, cannot by its very nature everbe repeated. But that same type of image, that you discovered by accident, can become intentional. Remember the first time you discovered the magic of backlight? It may have been intentional, or it may have been accidental – if you fell in love with it and chose to use backlight frequently, then you are making images with intent.

Certainly, some of the best images I have ever made have been accidents. And I could have left them as accidents, choosing to consider that moment a fluke. Or I could have chosen to learn what it was that made that image compelling, why I felt moved by it, and taken the next step by intentionally incorporating that accident into my next shoot, and my next.

Why do you choose to make the images you make? Are you comfortable with your methods and complacent with your subjects? Are you moved to find something unique about everyone you photograph? Are you content to merely follow the lead of photographer A or B? Or are you willing to step off the well trodden path of those who came before you and to discover your own intent?

You see, every time you choose to make an image, you are in a place you have never been before. How? Simply because the people you are photographing, the environment you are in, and the Intent with which you are shooting will be different every time.

What is your intent?

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