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October 13, 2011

What If? It’s THE question that fosters ingenuity. It drives our advancements, large and small, and yet it’s the simplest of questions.


How often do you ask that question? Really ask it?

And if you ask, WHAT IF how often do you follow through with your idea? I’m guessing there are a lot of great “what ifs” and a lot of them get lost in the minutiae of daily life. Heck, we have a whole series of notebooks devoted to this very thing. We call them our Idea Books, and after 12 years in this business, we have over 50 of those books.

Every so often we revisit them and comb through our ideas. Some ideas surface again and again, with more detail each time. Others are one line, one very vague line, that challenges us to even recall what excited us about it.

What is all this about, you wonder? Why this post? Why now? Well, it’s about the power of WHAT IF and about making your WHAT IFs a reality.

You see, something is missing in the creative world – a way to conference and collaborate with other creatives, that isn’t staid and, well, stale. Too many conferences employ a formula, one that worked for years, where a speaker stands on a stage and pontificates at the crowd. Some speakers are really engaging and inspiring, others not so much. The speakers themselves aren’t really to blame for this model – the attendees are. We keep going back year after year after year. And by feeding the beast, we are keeping it strong and alive. Why change when tens of thousands of you flock to it time and again?

Change is here. It’s time to put your foot down and say enough is enough. The days of someone speaking at you and telling you to be just like them are gone. Gone like the Dinosaurs are gone. It’s not about that anymore, not if we want to succeed and thrive in the coming years. The world changed and we refuse to be left behind.

So here it is, one of our biggest WHAT IFs to date:

A Conference for  Artist-preneurs using their vision to make a living, this ain’t your average conference. Not by a long shot!

You can find all the details (and there are plenty) at the WHAT IF website, but here is a quick and dirty run down of what’s up:

This is a Conference for Creatives, by Creatives. Each one of our Innovators is also a Collaborator, helping to develop WHAT IF into more than what you expect. There won’t be any pontification from the stage. There won’t be any short cuts to success. There won’t be any “buy this and you’ll be rich” going on.

What there will be is facilitation from our Innovators, collaboration from all our attendees, and a community environment created from the moment you arrive. With some of the most important learning you can get taking place outside the classroom, we have structured spontaneity after each session.  From the Idea Wall to the Daily Assignments to activities that lead to Inspiration outside Photography, and so much more, you will be immersed in a community and setting that will help you find your own success, on your terms.

Hosted at an all-inclusive resort, WHAT IF subscribes to the “no photographer left behind” philosophy. Whether you are an introvert or someone who likes to get in the middle of things, there is a place for you. For all of you.

As Steve would say, there is a lot of “flowery language” here and words that sound big and important. In the interests of keeping it simple, it’s time to get off your butt, and make your WHAT IF a reality. This conference will help you do that. Boom.

Questions? You know where to find us.


April 29, 2011

Have you noticed that our blog has been quiet recently? Too quiet, don’t you think? It’s time to change all that!


Our loyal blog followers have probably noticed a lack of posts recently, that is, if anyone is still following our blog after such a lengthy hiatus. We found ourselves caught in a bit of a dilemma last season with regards to the blog, and it has caused us to reconsider how, and when, we blog our assignments.

Our favorite wedding magazine, one we are often published in, has a strict “no blog” policy on submissions. And they’re not alone – several publications, in North America, have instituted the same policy. I understand why – they want their content to remain exclusive to them, otherwise why would someone purchase their magazine? But it has made it challenging for us as we consider all of our weddings worthy of submitting to a variety of magazines.

And so, we chose not to blog many (almost all) of our events last year, in anticipation of publication. This had made for a very empty, lonely blog recently, and we’re working hard to rectify that. We now know which 2010 weddings will be published this year, so we can finally start sharing last year’s work.

So, with that, we have a series of posts planned for the coming weeks. Some will share our weddings of 2010, some our favorite details. We will introduce you, officially, to our associate(s) and share some of his work with you. And we will, once again, share some of the new products and business ideas we have developed.

2011 is shaping up to be an interesting year full of travel, teaching, writing, dreaming, building and, of course, shooting. We are looking so forward to sharing with all of you and hope that our loyal readers will once again return to our blog.

And because this is a photography blog, some of what we are working on…

Wedding at Hycroft Manor

January 27, 2011

I’ve always believed that one person can make a difference, and my friend, Marcus Bell is doing just that.


I’ve always believed that one person can make a difference, and my friend, Marcus Bell is doing just that.

Based in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Marcus Bell is one of my photography heroes. His images are epic, in the truest sense of the word, and he brought me to tears the first time I heard him speak about his images.

But it isn’t Marcus the photographer that I adore, it is Marcus the man. A family man with three children and a beautiful wife, Marcus is the real deal. Kind, caring, compassionate and a bit of a prankster, Marcus escaped the worst of the floods’ damage, but too many others did not.

So I am going to pass it over to Marcus, in a sense, and let his appeal share what he hopes to do. I hope that you will all take a moment, and help where you can.

Marcus Bell Queensland Flood Appeal

Photographic Fine Art Print Sale
You may have seen the news footage of the significant flooding that occurred throughout Queensland Australia during late December 2010 and January 2011.  Many lost their lives, many more lost their homes.  Three quarters of the state was declared a disaster zone.

This is an area roughly the size of Texas.

A resident of Brisbane Queensland, award-winning photographer Marcus Bell is raising money to help flood victims, by placing ten of his own classic images up for sale.  All proceeds from each sale will be going to the Queensland Governments Flood disaster relief fund. Each signed “Artist Proof” print is an original award winning photographic work.  Each unframed 24 inch print for sale for $950 (plus postage) and is printed to the highest quality 300GSM Archival cotton paper.  Many of these prints represents a saving of between 50 to 75% off the normal edition print price.

Here are just two of the images:

In addition 20% of ALL of Marcus Bell Photographer Resources Products sold during January and February will also be donated to the fund.  This also includes the 5 new Instant Effect Presets products recently released after a year in development.

For more information in relation to the floods and how you can help please visit Marcus Bell Blog where you will find links to both the Fine Art Gallery and the Resources site.

December 2, 2010

As BC’s wedding professionals gathered on the evening of December 1st, for the first BC Professional Wedding Awards, no one knew what to expect. Many had entered, but we were all in the dark about who the finalists, and winners, would be…


On December 1st, 2010, BC’s wedding professionals gathered at District 319 for a celebration of excellence. It was the night when the winners of the inaugural Professional BC Wedding Awards would be announced. There was an air of nervous excitement in the room as no one really knew what to expect – we had entered, but had not heard if we were even finalists for the awards.

Whenever we enter something, we hope for the best, but we never assume that we are a shoe in for anything. BC has a dense talent pool in the photography category – very dense – and we knew the competition would be close.

And then it happened…the category for best Bride and Groom Together was announced. The runner-up was named…it wasn’t us. And then they announced the winner – Bebb Studios! It’s kind of surreal to have something announced in person like that, with no forewarning at all. But that added to the excitement of the moment.

Before we share our winning images, we want to congratulate the organizers of the Professional BC Wedding Awards, the entrants, winners and runners up in all categories, and to thank the judges for taking this huge task on.

Here is the image that won Best Bride and Groom Together:

Imagine our surprise when we also won the category for Best Overall Wedding Photography. This was a big one for us – we had the chance to enter 12 images from an entire wedding day. That image set had to showcase the feel of the wedding, and exemplify the kind of work that was done during the wedding. But how do you distill a wedding down to 12 images? It was so tough to choose and, in the end, we simply hoped that we were able to share images that showcased all the pertinent parts of the day, from the details, to the ceremony and photo session, right though to the reception.

Interestingly, the Best Overall Wedding Photography was from the same wedding that won the Bride and Groom category – Michelle and Winston’s wedding. And we cannot thank Michelle and Winston enough for trusting us with their photography!

Here is the Best Overall Wedding submission (and winning series):

December 1, 2010

“This award is to honour and celebrate your work as featured in the Vancouver and Western Canadian Edition(s) of WedLuxe – Canada’s luxury wedding magazine in 2010. Congratulations!”


It was about five years ago when our friend Angela shared an idea with us – an idea that would make a huge impact on the wedding industry in Canada. If I recall correctly, she had already decided on the name (and bought the url), and she was in the early stages of, what would be come, Canada’s Luxury Wedding Magazine, aka WedLuxe.

People often have dreams, and share them with a few friends. But it is rare to act on those dreams – to risk it all, certain in the knowledge that it will work, but with no safety net to catch us. Angela did it. She reached for the stars and landed there, and we are so very proud of all that she has done.

From the very first issue, we have been huge supporters of WedLuxe and the quality of event it showcases. But beyond the pretty details, and beautiful brides, Angela has always respected the work done by her photographers. And, in turn, we respect that about her.

So, it is with great pride that we acknowledge receipt of the WedLuxe Best of 2010 Award in the Photography category. And we thank Angela for continuing to create a stunning product, for raising the bar, and for pushing us all to new heights.

Here is the wording, and the badge, directly from Angela:

“This year, WedLuxe is EXCITED to debut our first ANNUAL “Best of WedLuxe Awards” to recognize the individual contributions and extraord

inary talent of the INCREDIBLE event professionals whose work has been showcased within our featured real-life weddings this year!

Since 2006, the mandate of WedLuxe h as been to showcase the VERY best of the Canadian Wedding Industry.

We publish the most beautiful, most stylish, most creative and most exclusive weddings produced by Canada’s top-notch wedding professionals. Every issue, we receive hundreds of wedding submissions and narrow them down to the top 7-10 in each region. The results? Truly, ‘award-winning’ work! So, we decided it was time to recognize the individual vendors involved, accordingly!

This award is to honour and celebrate your work as featured in the Vancouver and Western Canadian Edition(s) of WedLuxe – Canada’s luxury wedding magazine in 2010. Congratulations!”

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