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January 21, 2013

It’s Monday and I was trying to be witty. “Monday Moments” was all I could come up with. The truth is, it’s a rather appropriate title for a blog series, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves quite yet. Let’s just stick with Moments for now and if we do this again next Monday, we might just have ourselves a series.

A wedding day is filled with moments. Some are spontaneous, others, like the kiss, are expected, while still others catch us off guard with their power.

All are important. Every single moment matters. Every time.

The one thing I know, going into a wedding, is something will happen that will surprise me and something will happen that will move me. It happens every wedding without fail.

In this image, made at Vania and Dino’s wedding (blog entry coming soon), Dino had just opened a card from Vania.

In this moment, made at Michelle and Winston’s wedding, they had just been pronounced husband and wife.

Sometimes the moment isn’t found in an “event” per se, but in the quiet in between…like this moment between Sara and Mika on their wedding day:

Moments matter…lets make Mondays the day we celebrate them!

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