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January 21, 2013

Hey there…it’s been a while. I’ve thought of you a lot, but haven’t had the chance to fill you in on what we’ve been doing. Truth is, we’ve been busy. Really busy. But that’s not an excuse – we should have made more time for you, and we want to make things right.

I could offer up a million excuses. After all, if we submit to a magazine, we can’t put anything on our blog until we hear yay, or nay. And when more than half your weddings each year want to submit, that makes for slim pickings on the blog.

We could chalk it up to respecting our clients’ privacy. We have several clients each year who prefer, for a variety of reasons, to keep their imagery completely offline. We get that. And we respect that. But that also leads to several weddings we cannot blog.

But those are excuses…the truth is I miss you guys. I miss sharing the work we are doing. I miss reading your words. I miss connecting with you in a different way.

Starting today (there are still a few hours left in today) we’re going to start blogging here again. Hold us accountable, ‘kay? If you don’t see something new in the next few hours, give me crap.

And if you can’t wait, Jen is blogging over here, on the What If Conference website. She also just finished a new book, which will be released in February, but is available for pre-sale now (that probably deserves a blog post of its own).

Maybe we just need to be here, sharing it all on this blog, rather than spreading ourselves around so much. We’re working on it…we’ve always kept Bebb Studios separate from everything else we do, so please be patient while we figure this all out again. It just goes to show – even when you have been doing something for a long time, you are always learning and growing.

We’ll write soon. Real soon. Promise.

In the meantime, here is a picture. This is a photo blog after all.


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